Jaime Keiter is an artist and photo art director. She moved to New York City after graduating with an art degree from the University of Georgia and lived in Brooklyn for 14 years before returning to Atlanta in 2016.

Her ceramic sculptures are a series of paintings collaged from individually hand crafted and glazed porcelain stoneware tiles. Her process begins with cutting geometric and organic shapes from clay slabs, underglazing patterns and textures, and then finishing each tile with a variety of different mid-fire glazes ranging from vibrant cobalt and turquoise to pearly creams and pastels. She collages the pieces together to create small geometric sculptures.

She is also a well established photo art director with over ten years experience working with many notable brands including LuckyVogueVogue LivingHearst Publications, Condé Nast, Simon Malls, Target, and Amazon.com. She has experience collaborating with the most talented photographers, stylists, and set designers to create beautiful and innovative imagery for editorial, e-commerce, and marketing clients. During her 7 years as the photography editor at Lucky magazine she became closely engaged in the home and design worlds which led to her path of creating an original line of art.

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